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Telling the Sundar Tale in India

- A lesson in corporate storytelling

Sundar Pichai is today perhaps the biggest corporate celebrity of India... the poster boy every young techy aspires to be... the 'trust-mascot' even the Government will find very hard to ignore when it comes to weighing in on thorny regulatory issues. Search for it and he will continue to be Google's best face, for arguably its biggest market... India!

Pretty heart-warming isn't it? So, lets warm up a bit more to what the www is saying about Pichai. All of it cumulatively is a great conversation for Google... what can be a better example of storytelling, when everyone in India simply loves it?

Remember, the narrative has been carefully and strategically built for its Indian audiences for some time now. The big theme of course is about the 'Person' Pichai - his humble antecedents - the son of the soil with uniquely Indian values - disarming, down-to-earth and very human. The payload for the audiences evidently, is Pride as an Indian and dollops of likeability.

Here are my 3 favorite examples of storytelling @Pichai that balance the plot points, messages and optics perfectly!

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