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Simply, a stronger brew!

It will please some of you to know I almost titled this post: The first-ever breakthrough tool for storytelling has been discovered. But I decided against it, as I want all of you to walk with us and discover it for yourselves…

For those of you who have found your way to our website and this post: Welcome to the Strongkofee website 2.0!

Strongkofee has been in the business of telling stories since 2014 and like every start-up, we were short on money but flush with ideas. We put together a functional website that we believed would work for us. And up until now, it has served us and our partners well.

The firm grew since then and recently Dev & I decided that it is time... to add the differentiated offerings to our portfolio that our clients have been demanding of us over the past couple of years. We believe it helps us better serve those who are eager to embark on a journey of strategic storytelling with us and be Heard and Remembered.

And thus, the new website (nothing as dramatic as the Avengers or the Justice League) ... simply some new work areas and of course a new look!

Strongkofee retains its old brew and has embraced new ones in its fold. So, if you want to tell a story, share a story or 'Be Heard', you know you have come to the right place. This blog will be the place for us to tell our stories and for you to share yours.

Over a cup of strong coffee let the stories unfold...!

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