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Discover Storytelling

Discover Storytelling

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Storytelling for Advocacy

  • Environment Research to arrive at insights  

  • Advocacy strategy and message development workshops: We craft your messages & mold them into convincing narratives targetting  specific audience sets

  • Content writing for advocacy for leverage across media types- researched, validated & positioned based on your agenda. This includes

    • Whitepapers

    • Editorial thought pieces

    • Content for blogs 

    • Stakeholder presentations & collaterals

Advocacy Stories

Storytelling for Crisis Communications

Purposeful storytelling builds empathy & enduring perceptions about your business. Strategically crafted & told in ‘peacetime,’ they go a long way in building trust that shapes media & public reactions during a crisis. We partner you through this entire journey of Crisis Mitigation and Response


Building Narratives that are responsive to your business risks

  • Coms Risk Assessment & Crisis Readiness Audits

  • Message Development Workshops

  • Narratives design for pre-emptive storytelling

  • Protocol-Messaging-Situation response manuals  


Training of spokespeople for crisis response

  • How to draw on your stories to respond to issues

  • Media handling techniques in a crisis

  • Post-crisis storytelling for image recovery

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Crisis Stories

Storytelling for Sustainability

Social impact is often measured by the ability of corporations to build trust among communities. Effective storytelling has the power to garner their support as well as those who influence policy and of course the media.

We believe that such storytelling must be done with passion, honesty and sensitivity. We also believe strategies and content for such storytelling are made 'on-the-ground' since outcomes 'on-ground' must be the only measure of success. Our services are geared to this approach… 

  • Environment Audits to identify issues that help to arrive at stories based on insights

  • Social Impact storytelling and messaging workshops

  • Differentiated & Audience specific story design

  • Story and content design for media dark and high-challenge geographies and audiences

  • Sustainability reports for stakeholders - Strategizing, and Designing content to generate support

Sustainability Stories

Storytelling for Leaders

Public Speaking is par for the course for business leaders. Internally or externally it’s their job to put out “The Story” in a bid to motivate, attract, retain, influence, inspire their audiences.

@ Strongkofee we believe that results happen when speeches are heard and remembered. We work closely with leaders to discover and hone their styles. More importantly, we craft for them the stories they can tell with conviction, credibility & flair    

  • Goal setting and personality assessment meets

  • Story & content design for speeches for different occasions 

  • Public speaking workshops

  • Ongoing assessment and mentoring

  • Dynamic vetting of speeches for different occasions

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Leaders Stories
Devdarshan conducting a messaging workshop

Storytelling in the Media

Digital storytelling through your owned/earned and paid assets is often a specialized skill. While communications specialists are busy putting out the stories, it is often important to assess and evaluate impact. v


Business leaders often want us to help create their storyline for social media outreach as well as skills to handle the more traditional print and TV interactions. We work with corporations on the nuances, tenor and techniques of storytelling across media channels   

  • Content strategy and design for social media

  • Crafting stories and content for owned digital assets

  • Storytelling strategy for print and electronic media

  • Media training workshops

Media Stories
Devdarshan conduting a narrative design workshop

Strategic Narrative Design

Whether you are a large MNC or a mid-sized startup, we would love to partner with you to craft your corporate or brand narratives. Over the years we have helped companies and social sector organizations arrive at their brand strategies and corporate messages. As for storytelling, we have partnered with them to plan their outreach through targeted and creative content. The tools we use to deliver on their unique requirements include

  • Consumer and market research strategies and assistance

  • Message and communications framework development

  • Story design and outreach plans

  • Communications capacity building and skills training   

  • Creative content solutions

Narrative Design
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