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Our journey of unlocking stories 

Guess what’s common between…

  • A hydropower giant facing enormous challenges in building a community hospital as Insurgents kidnap their top officials  

  • A global FMCG company facing widespread protests as it seeks to hire more women on their factory floors

  • A government body cleaning up one of the world’s largest river systems, finding its back against the wall. Thousands of years of taboo and social practices flaring up into public protests

  • A pharma MNC running a maternal health program staring at acute social apathy and callous providers

  • A consulting firm grappling to regain lost ground after a spate of negative coverage


  • A large bank struggling to make plastic money acceptable at a time when cashless is the buzz word in the country


  • A start-up providing an innovative and cheaper solution in lighting struggling to get a foothold in the face of competition from MNCs


  • A social initiative led by an NGO to prevent open defecation that goes up against apathy and corruption.

As Strongkofee we can proudly say that we were on the ground every time, gathering data, talking to communities, creating messaging strategies, crafting the stories and ensuring that they are heard and remembered


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Partners who challenged us creatively over the last 5 years- just to name a few!

Social Sector

  • The World Bank 

  • Crop Life India 


  • Path

  • National Mission for Clean Ganga 


  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Deloitte

  • Ernst & Young

  • KPMG


  • Coca-Cola India

  • Amazon 

  • Standard Chartered Bank

  • BMW

  • Monedelez

  • National Hydro POwer Corporation

  • Tehri Hydro Development Corporation


  • Smile Group

  • DSS Imagetech

  • Continental Devices

  • 120 Media Collective

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