Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is it that you exactly do?

  • We are NOT a PR agency. We prefer to act as your communications consultant and strategy advisors. We pride ourselves on our ideation and strategic capabilities as senior communications practitioners in the business for decades
  • We truly believe that organizations can do much more with their communications programs. We help uncover those opportunities by speaking to the function heads and process owners and of course the CEO. This level of deep engagement is a factor of time and approach that is normally not available in the market. To help us do this, we work with only a handful of clients at any given time.

2. How do you normally work with clients?

  • We prefer to work as a part of your team as embedded resource, thereby giving you greater control and access. This helps greater interaction with your marketing team and internal users of communications services. We are therefore able to understand their needs better, paving the way for better execution of projects.
  • We only offer you senior most resources on any assignment. That guarantees quality work, mature handling, quicker understanding of issues and ease of execution

3. How do you execute programs? Tell us about the number of people and resources?

  • We believe that quality cannot come without engaging capable and senior resources. Only a few highly trained and interested people can do a certain type of work. So we allocate our experts to lead the projects apart from using a team comprising your in-house talent and trusted external resources if necessary we work with trusted partners on production and design of collaterals

4. Our leaders are all trained and experienced communicators why do we need you?

  • Media is rapidly changing in India. Add to that the complexity of the social media. It is important to update some of the skills and knowledge according to this new and emerging environment. This is the generic training. BUT we prefer to go a step forward…
  • So, we offer workshops that are customized to the needs of the participants. As experienced communications professionals, we understand your sensitivities when you are preparing for a Crisis OR for an Organizational Restructuring OR an Acquisition. So we deliver these workshops quickly and sensitively working in tandem with your internal teams. You not only get the tools But also recommendations on messaging, sensitivities and tactics.

5. How much will this cost?

  • It takes money to build, brand, and communicate a company story. We will bill on our time cost. Usually third party costs are extra. Budgets depend on the extent of the project. We usually end up pleasantly surprising our clients here. BUT we will not cut corners to make a bargain.