About Us

Founded by Devdarshan Chakrabortyy, a seasoned communications professional for nearly 25 years, StrongKofee is an idea that has attracted a crack team of senior communications professionals to join hands from both India and in the US...


Together, we support to "Simplify" and "Strengthen" your communications processes! Here is how….

1. Get the Best Brains to boost your communications:

Incorporated by a team of senior communications experts, each with more than 20 years of experience in leading PR, Advertising firms and large corporates, we bring you the best brains on hire, across communications needs and disciplines.

2. Give yourself more Control on what you communicate:

Simply put, we enhance and augment the efforts of the Corporate Communications departments. We prefer to work as your embedded resource on special projects which require more interaction and control across departments of your organization.

3. Experiment with some fearless and disruptive advise:

What you get is a senior and experienced team that adds quality strategic thinking, the power of ideas and additional execution capabilities at costs that would be far lower than your current marketing/corporate communications budgets.

4. Spare yourself those painful briefings:

Our single most important differentiator is the availability of senior and highly experienced resources who work hands-on! Naturally, we drive your projects with the power of ideas, mature strategies and matchless execution capabilities.

5. Demand highly customized leadership communications skills trainings to stay prepared:

When you feel your leadership team needs a refresher course on media handling or crisis communications. After all, the entire media environment is changing everyday & digital media makes it more complex!!